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We help businesses launch as an Electronic Money and Payment Institution in Lithuania.

Our service is led and delivered by a team of experts, who are passionate and care about the work they do.

Explore your possibilities: we can help you with the licensing, technology, company setup and everything else you need

Issue your own branded Debit Cards across Europe


We can help you provide branded debit cards to personal or business users issued by Visa or Mastercard.

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Issue Prepaid Cards


We can help you provide branded prepaid cards to personal or business users, for general spend, payroll, loyalty, travel, corporate expense or for other use.

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Issue E-wallets

Enable users to store e-money or digital currency in electronic or digital wallets, in multiple currencies. 

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Offer a global Money Transfer solution


Enable your users to send money globally, across Asia, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. 

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Provide Forex trading across Europe


With a single license offer investment services including forex trading, across Europe.

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Provide Payment Processing and Merchant Acquiring Services


With a single license, enable merchants and retailers, both physical and online retailers to accept card payments across Europe. 

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Provide innovative Payment Solutions


Provide money management tools including account to account payment services, enabling users to pay directly from their bank account.

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Set up a Cryptocurrency or Blockchain business 


Provide users e-wallets with the ability to store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Operate a cryptocurrency exchange.

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Provide Investment Services across Europe

With a single license in Lithuania provide investment services across Europe.  

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Why leading firms choose us as their partner

"Buckingham Capital Consulting has been a reliable and trusted partner. They spent time understanding our business, people and processes and worked closely with us throughout the process. They completed our licensing application to a high standard and in a timely and efficient manner. We were delighted with how smooth the entire process was from the application preparation and submission but also with the case officer. Buckingham Capital Consulting ensured that our license was obtained in an efficient and smooth manner.The value and expertise they provide became obvious early on in the process. We highly recommend Buckingham Capital Consulting."

Our range of services and products enable you to offer digital banking products and provide payment services




License (EMI)

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Payment Institution 


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Forex, Cryptocurrency & Investment Licensing

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Bank Accounts & Card Issuing including Debit Cards & Prepaid

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Company Formation, Accounting & Legal Services

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Services, inc.


Card issuing

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International Presence. Provide your services on a global scale

As you enter new international markets, our international approach ensures that we are able to meet your international growth and requirements. 


We provide end-to-end support across all of our services. Our partnership with you extends to consulting services, including legal, accounting, recruitment, business development, product development and market strategy.

Some of our clients

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An end-to-end service

We spend significant time understanding our clients, their culture, ambitions and road map. We understand where they are and where they want to be and achieve. We help them achieve this transition and provide an end-to-end service.

With our licensing service, we discuss client requirements and the financial services they wish to offer. We assess their business model, team and resources. Following our assessment, we provide a realistic and honest assessment on application strength, as well as making our recommendations.

Recent Work

Buckingham Capital Consulting helps Nexpay obtain Payment Institution license to launch international payment services.

Buckingham Capital Consulting helps Dzing Financial obtain the Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license.

Buckingham Capital Consulting advises Global Send on obtaining the Payment Institution license.

Buckingham Capital Consulting helps Onpoint Money Transfer obtain Payment Institution license to offer money transfer services.  

Buckingham Capital Consulting helps McMillan Cancer obtain financial regulatory license to offer financial services.

Buckingham Capital Consulting helps Hami obtain Payment Institution license to offer money remittance services. 



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About us​

Buckingham Capital Consulting is a leading international consulting firm. We help businesses to provide financial services including payment services, banking, electronic money, and investment services. Our services are delivered and led by a team of experts, who are passionate and care about the work they do. 

We help manage the end-to-end process of setting up, including licensing, compliance, consulting, systems & IT and operational setup. We work closely with financial regulators, banks and third parties in helping our client obtain banking services and specialist facilities.  

Our services are offered on an international level with offices strategically located across key jurisdictions in Europe and Asia. Our clients enjoy one point of contact for all their national and international requirements. 

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